Bolloré collaborates with Braskem as its supplier for green PE

Bolloré, the French pioneer in ultra-thin packaging, launched the first ultrathin packaging shrink film on a basis of green polyethylene called B-Nat®.

“It was developed – the company bbased in Quimper claims – to offer most attractive shelf presentation and the optic properties were optimized. It is also a good product for multipacking applications due to his cohesion strenght”. Although I’m green™ PE is a drop in solution for many applications, with Bolloré and its specialty films, it was quite a bit different. Bolloré worked hard to adjust its process to develop B-Nat® with Braskem’s grades and has already achieved 40% renewable content.

The production of I’m green™ Polyethylene contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. For every kg of I’m green™ Polyethylene used in Bolloré’s ultrathin packaging shrink film more than 4.5 kg of CO2 is saved.

“The development of B-Nat® was an important first step that needs early adopters to give us the confidence that we are on the right direction and allow us to develop with Bolloré the next generation with even higher renewable content. In fact, I am sure this will be one more success case where an already sustainable product adds to its value proposition by shifting from fossil to renewable,” says Martin Clemesha, Technical Sales, Rrenewable Chemicals.
“Bolloré has always considered the environmental impact of its packaging films as a priority. Our first target was linked to source reduction: As a result, our ultra-thin shrink film range is made with a specific multilayer bio-oriented process in order to down gauge with enhanced performance. The second target was to recycle the plastic waste: Our shrink film waste can now be reprocessed in the polyethylene stream (number 4). The third target was to reduce the carbon footprint of the film: Our R&D division has worked to find a sustainable alternative to fossil material and has chosen the green PE of Braskem. After a series of successful customer trials, B-NAT film is now available to the market,” says Jean-François Glez, R&D manager, Bolloré Packaging.

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