Clariant started construction of the first large-scale commercial sunliquid plant in Romania

Courtesy of Clariant

Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, officially started construction of the first large-scale commercial sunliquid plant for the production of cellulosic ethanol made from agricultural residues. At the flagship facility, the sunliquid technology developed by the company is being used on an industrial scale for the first time. The occasion was marked with a traditional groundbreaking ceremony in Podari near Craiova in southwestern Romania, which was attended by official representatives of the Romanian government, the Swiss Ambassador Urs Herren, and a Clariant representation headed by Christian Kohlpaintner, Member of the Executive Committee.

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Innovation intelligence in the bioeconomy sector


Innovation within the bioeconomy needs intelligence to flourish. Through ‘bioeconomy intelligence’ insights, we can identify and exploit trends and market needs. This article describes the need for bioeconomy intelligence, and provides insights on developments in biogas and bioplastics, based on PNO‘s innovation intelligence tools.

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Enerkem has successfully produced a clean, renewable bio-dimethyl ether

Enerkem Inc., a world-leading waste-to-biofuels and chemicals producer headquartered in Canada, has successfully produced a clean, renewable bio-dimethyl ether (Bio-DME), a by-product of biomethanol, that could help address global climate change efficiently by replacing the use of diesel fuel in the transportation sector.

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The Philadelphia Eagles go green with Braskem

A quarterback in action

Braskem, the world’s leading biopolymer producer and the largest polypropylene producer in the Americas, will join the Philadelphia Eagles as a partner in recycling. Braskem enters into a nine-year sustainability-focused partnership with the Eagles,  a professional American football franchise based in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), building on the team’s long-standing commitment to environmental and community development programs.

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An interview with Markus Mannström, Executive VP, Stora Enso Biomaterials Division. “Anything made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow”

Markus Mannström. Courtesy of Stora Enso

“At Stora Enso, we believe that anything made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow. Our work in the Biomaterials division strives to make this a reality as soon as possible”. To say it – in this exclusive interview with Il Bioeconomista – is Markus Mannström, Executive VP at Stora Enso Biomaterials Division. The Nordic company is one of the main players of the bioeconomy at global bioeconomy. With Markus Mannström we talk about what Stora Enso is doing in the field, the role of pulp and paper industry and his expectations related to the announced new EU bioeconomy strategy.

Interview by Mario Bonaccorso

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Stora Enso and Orthex bring to the market kitchen utensils made from a new biocomposite

Stora Enso paper mill in Hyltebruk (Sweden)

Stora Enso and the leading Nordic producer of household products Orthex bring to the market a new range of kitchen utensils made from a new biocomposite which combines the best qualities of wood and plastic. The bio-based material used to replace fossil-based plastic is made from spruce and sugarcane, which – according to both companies – reduces the carbon footprint of the products by up to 80%. The innovative products contain 98% bio-based material.

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The circular economy and the bioeconomy. Partners in sustainability. New report by EEA

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has published its report on the circular economy and the bioeconomy. The circular economy and the bioeconomy — Partners in sustainability shows that the two policy agendas have similar objectives and areas of intervention, including food waste, biomass and bio-based products, and that they would benefit from stronger links, particularly in product and infrastructure design, and collaboration throughout the value chain.

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EFIB 2018 speaks French: in Toulouse from 16 to 18 October


EuropaBio and its local partner Toulouse White Biotechnology are organizing the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy (EFIB). The forum will be hosted in the Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis in Toulouse from 16 to 18 of October.

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United Caps and Braskem joined forces to deliver bio-sourced plastic caps and closures

Henri Colens, Braskem Europe at IFIB 2016

United Cals, an international manufacturer of caps and closures based in Luxembourg, and Braskem, a leading Brazilian petrochemical company, are collaborating to deliver to the market GREENER bio-sourced plastic caps and closures made from sugar cane as an addition to the United Caps product portfolio.

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Neste, ReNew ELP and Licella joined forces to explore the potential of mixed waste plastic

Neste’s headquarter in Espoo, Finland

Neste, the world’s leading producer of renewable diesel headquartered in Espoo, Finland, UK-based chemical recycling company ReNew ELP, and Australian technology developer Licella are joining forces in a development project to explore the potential of using mixed waste plastic as a raw material for fuels, chemicals, and new plastics. In addition to studying liquefied waste plastic feasibility and sustainability as refinery raw material, the companies are also collaborating with the aim to facilitate regulatory acceptance for chemical recycling.

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