The Ellen McArthur Foundation launches Urban Biocycles: value from organic waste

Ellen MacArthur with Carlo Messina, CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo in Milan, Italy

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation today launched a new scoping paper – Urban Biocycles produced in collaboration with World Economic Forum, in front of delegates from leading international institutions, at the annual Forum for the Future of Agriculture (FFA2017) in Brussels. The paper provides the Foundation’s first exploration of how applying circular economy principles could capture new value from biological material flows, in an urban context.

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New Report by Intesa Sanpaolo: in EU5 the bioeconomy is worth €1.22 trillion

Berlaymont, European Commission’s Headquarter in Brussels
In 2015, bioeconomy in Italy has shown a production potential amounting to 251 billion euro, equal to 8.1% of the total value of national production, employing approximately 1.65 million people. Italy is in third position. Germany is first with a production worth €327 billion (6.1%) and France second with €285 billion (7.5%). Spain is fourth (€212 billion, 10.8%) followed by the UK (€147 billion, 4.7%)). In these five countries, the bioeconomy is worth €1.22 trillion.

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Vivergo Fuels: UK’s £1.2 billion bioethanol industry at risk of closure

Vivergo bioethanol plant in Hull (England)

Vivergo Fuels, the UK’s largest producer of bioethanol, is warning that the UK’s bioethanol industry and the thousands of jobs it supports are at risk, unless the Government backtracks on a recent recommendation.

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A tribute to the 8 women who have distinguished themselves in the bioeconomy in 2016

mimoseEven this year for the International Women’s Day, we dedicate a tribute to the 8 women who have distinguished themselves in the bioeconomy in 2016. With their huge competences and their infinite passion, they are the stars of the world bioeconomy. Our best and warmest wishes to all women.

Ylwa Alwarsdotter, Senior VP Sekab (Sweden)

Catia Bastioli, CEO at Novamont (Italy)

Louise Batchelor, VP Strategy at BioAmber Inc. (Canada)

Jennifer Holmgren, CEO at Lanzatech (New Zealand/USA)

Nathalie Moll, Secretary General at EuropaBio (UE)

Theodora Retsina, CEO at American Process (USA)

Margaret Smallwood, CEO at BioVale (UK)

Marie Wheat, Industry Economist at USDA BioPreferred Program (USA)


Trump creates uncertainty for investments of Finnish Neste in U.S. biofuels

neste renew dieselFinnish oil refiner Neste is considering investing in U.S. production of biofuels in a move seen as a response to possible policy changes by U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration.

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France adopts its national bioeconomy strategy. An interview with Antoine Peeters, IAR

grande-1-palais-elysee.jpgThe bioeconomy speaks French. Yesterday the Government led by François Hollande endorsed its national Bioeconomy Strategy. After Spain and Italy last year, France is one of the last major biobased EU Member States to publish an official framework for the production and valorization of renewable resources.
Antoine Peeters, Head of External Relations and Partnerships at IAR – The French Bioeconomy Cluster, talks to Il Bioeconomista.

Interview by Mario Bonaccorso

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2016: a great year for Il Bioeconomista. Thank you and happy 2017!

happy-new-year-2017-images-1024x576Dear Readers,

thank you very much, again. 2016 was another great year for Il Bioeconomista: 14% more visits to our blog. This shows us how the bioeconomy is increasingly a phenomenon that attracts the attention of global public opinion and gratifies us as journalists, observers of a reality that we have always defined as the industrial revolution of the Third Millennium.

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Ken Richards, CEO of Leaf Resources, is the most innovative bioeconomy CEO 2016

Our readers have voted Ken Richards as the most innovative bioeconomy CEO 2016
Our readers have voted Ken Richards as the most innovative bioeconomy CEO 2016

Our readers have voted: the most innovative bioeconomy CEO 2016 is Ken Richards, CEO of Leaf Resources, the Australian company focused on making sustainable products from plant biomass.

We heartily congratulate him on this important recognition and sincerely thank our readers for the great participation in the survey. Our blog has seen a boom of visits in these two days. The bioeconomy revolution is a reality thanks to visionary managers like Ken Richards, the other nine selected along with Richards in the list of the 10 most innovative bioeconomy CEOs and to all those who in different roles contribute to research, develop and commercialize new bio-based products.

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The 10 Most Innovative Bioeconomy Chief Executive Officers in 2016

imageThe bioeconomy is innovation, the result of the skills and passion of researchers and managers able to create value and new high-qualified jobs. At the end of 2014 Il Bioeconomista launched a new initiative: The 10 Most Innovative Bioeconomy CEOs.

We have asked a panel of world bioeconomy experts to tell us the Chief Executive Officers that have stood out as the most innovative during the last year. This year we want to engage our readers, asking you to choose the most innovative CEO responding to our survey.

This is the result in 2016 (in alphabetical order)

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Who is afraid of the bioeconomy?

Bioeconomy every day @ BioBased World 2015 in Frankfurt am Main
Bioeconomy every day @ BioBased World 2015 in Frankfurt am Main

There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.

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