Danish Asnæs Power Station to phase out coal

Aerial view of Kalundborg sustainable industry complex

Novozymes, Novo Nordisk, Kalundborg Forsyning and DONG Energy signed a new 20-year agreement which enables Denmark’s largest coal-fired power station unit, the Asnæs Power Station, to phase out coal and replace it with wood chips. Novozymes sources steam from the power station.

“This agreement completes a circle of investments into energy efficiency and sustainability as our entire supply of electricity, heat and steam in Kalundborg will now come from other sources than coal and oil”, said Jesper Haugaard, Vice President at Novozymes.
Novozymes’ production in Kalundborg uses three types of energy: electricity, heat and steam. Over the years, significant investments have been made to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact, and steam has been the only remaining energy source not based on renewables.

Since 2011, Novozymes in Denmark has relied on wind power for electricity. In 2013, Novozymes and Novo Nordisk installed a biogas reactor to convert wastewater from their factories to produce electricity and heat. And in May 2017, DONG Energy and Bigadan announced plans to convert biomass residues from Novozymes’ and Novo Nordisk’s factories to biogas, which will be fed directly into the Danish natural gas grid.

“Novozymes’ products help tackle the world’s major problems, such as climate change. This makes it only natural to take responsibility for our own impact on the environment”, said Jesper Haugaard. “This new agreement gives us a stable supply of steam at competitive terms. In this way, it supports an efficient production in Kalundborg with good jobs.”

The Asnæs Power Station is owned and operated by DONG Energy. “I’m very pleased that we now have an agreement regarding Asnæs Power Station”, said Thomas Dalsgaard, Executive Vice President. “The future belongs to sustainable energy sources such as wind, solar and biomass. We’ll therefore be phasing out all use of coal at our power stations by 2023, and the decision, which was made together with our customers, is an important step on the way.”

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