Elevance launched a new plant-based emollient made from certified non-GMO coconut oil

Elevance building in Illinois

Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc., the Illinois-based company which creates novel, high-performing specialty chemicals from renewable feedstocks, announced the commercial availability of Elevance Soft CG-200, a new plant-based emollient. Made from certified non-GMO coconut oil and Elevance’s soy-based polymer, Elevance Soft CG-200 expands the company’s line of bio-based personal care products.

As part of the Elevance Soft product line, Elevance Soft CG-200 is a low viscosity gel, allowing formulations with a luxurious feel and smooth, creamy texture.  Moreover, it enables customers to make formulations without silicone, petrolatum, PEG, or paraben and is appealing for vegan and gluten-free formulations.  Additionally CG-200 may enable some customers to obtain GMO-free product certifications.

“Elevance continues to innovate and expand upon its unique technologies for personal care products,” said Michelle Morie-Bebel, Elevance commercial director.  “The launch of Elevance Soft CG-200 expands Elevance’s line of high-performance personal care products and responds to growing market demand for plant-based, silicone-free ingredients and specialized non-GMO and vegan friendly products.”

Elevance Soft CG-200 is a low-melting gel with an improved moisture barrier compared to coconut oil, translating into longer lasting moisturization benefits for skin.  CG-200 can be used as a creamy alternative to coconut oil, offering various benefits for hair products such as frizz control. The product is well suited for use in pomades, styling gels, creams, lotions, body washes, soaps, lip care and color cosmetics.

Elevance and its distribution partners in the US and EU will debut Elevance Soft CG-200 at three upcoming trade shows, where customers can get information, example formulations and request samples.

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