Bio-Botanica Inc. and Genomatica sign a new partnership in the U.S. bioeconomy

Bio-Botanica Inc., a family-owned and operated company, specializing in botanicals for over 45 years and headquartered in Hauppage (New York), has partnered with U.S. biotech company Genomatica to create a new line of botanical extracts using a naturally sourced, sustainably produced butylene glycol. These products, manufactured by Bio- Botanica Inc., feature Genomatica’s proprietary ingredient, Brontide.

Brontide is a naturally derived, highly pure butylene glycol derived from a sustainable and renewable sugar fermentation process. It can be used in a number of personal care applications, including skin care, as a humectant, preservative booster, solubilizer or stabilizer. Brontide is ideal for personal care manufacturers looking to develop new natural products or reformulate existing products with a natural alternative to petroleum-based butylene glycol. The ingredient integrates seamlessly into personal care formulations while delivering superior quality.

“Consumer desire to avoid petroleum-based ingredients is driving increased demand for natural personal care products,” said Damien Perriman, Genomatica’s senior vice president, Specialty Chemicals. “And Genomatica’s Brontide butylene glycol is making it easier for personal care manufacturers to develop products that address healthier lifestyle trends.”

Bio-Botanica Inc. utilizes its proprietary Bio-Chelation® process to manufacture its holistically balanced botanical extracts and blends them with Brontide for use in natural personal care and cosmetic applications. These extracts possess a full spectrum of constituents that are matched as closely as possible to naturally occurring materials found in plants.

“Our partnership with Genomatica expands our goal to provide all-natural products for our customers by providing another alternative to petroleum-based ingredients” said Mark Sysler, Bio-Botanica’s vice president. “Bio-Botanica’s 46 years of botanical extract manufacturing experience, combined with Genomatica’s innovative ingredient technology, will enable personal care manufacturers to develop natural products with superior quality.”

Bio-Botanica is a leading manufacturer of more than 500 quality botanical extracts for personal care, cosmetic, food and beverage, flavor, fragrance, supplement and nutraceutical industries. Bio-Botanica houses one of the oldest and most impressive private Herbariums in the United States. This resource contains over 800 authenticated herbal plant samples, as they appear in nature, and have been obtained from all corners of the world.





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