Avantium and R&F Chemical joined forces in South Korea

Avantium’s pilot plant in the Nerherlands

Dutch biochemical company Avantium  joined forces with South Korea-based R&F Chemical to boost its Catalysis business in the region. “South Korea – Avantium said in a note – has a highly-advanced technology and chemical sector, and several established national research facilities offering the perfect environment for Avantium’s Catalysis business with a strong focus on catalysis research”.

Through R&F Chemical, Avantium expects to generate leads for its Flowrence® units as well as for its service projects. The two companies have entered into an agency agreement to explore opportunities in this fast-growing sector.

“We are very proud to work with R&F Chemical”, Rudolf Wessels, Business Development Director of Avantium, states. “This step underlines the value of our unique offering, which combines leading technology with an in-depth understanding of applications, and resonates with R&F’s expectation of market potential in South Korea. We really value R&F’s strong network in the South Korean chemical sector and expect this agreement to significantly boost sales over the next one to two years.”

“We expects –  Peter Park, President of R&F Chemical, stated – that Avantium’s catalysis technology will accelerate the research and development of chemical related companies, universities and research institutes in Korea. We aim to achieve the value of Avantium’s advance into the Korean market, thereby becoming a global chemical platform company. We will focus on exploring the key customers of Avantium in Korea and on determining which unit and service project of Avantium is best suited to meet the needs of the customer.”

Avantium’s Flowrence Technology® is an advanced high-throughput platform for high-quality testing of catalysts. The Flowrence Technology® can be used for a broad range of industrial applications that operate in gas, vapor or trickle phases. The combination of Avantium’s broad knowledge of applications and the Flowrence Technology® creates a powerful, cost-efficient method of testing catalysts and a faster way to bring new products to market.

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