Renmatix joins with The Ingredient House to replace eggs in baked goods by incorporating Simple Cellulose

Mike Hamilton, Ceo of Renmatix

U.S. innovative company Renmatix signed a distribution agreement with The Ingredient House, a leading supplier of specialty food and beverage ingredients, currently selling to many of the top 20 food and beverage manufacturers in the U.S.

Together the two see the potential to replace eggs in baked goods by incorporating Simple Cellulose, a new plant-based ingredient that provides manufacturers up to 50 percent in cost-in-use savings. The two companies see growth opportunities in supporting the clean label movement with the innovative nature of Simple Cellulose, which exhibits multifunctional property benefits in emulsification, texturizing, moisture retention and fat replacement – increasingly desirable traits to meet today’s healthy consumer tastes.

Derived from pure plant materials and agricultural feedstocks, Simple Cellulose allows food producers to replace eggs and fats, as it enhances the efficiency of texturizing ingredients and the moisture retention required for freshness extension – all while undercutting the cost of conventional ingredients. Simple Cellulose has also shown advantages in gluten-free and vegan baked goods and its breakthrough properties are currently being realized in baked goods such as breads, muffins, cookies and donuts. Future targets include soups and sauces, meat and dairy systems, and many other food ingredient applications.

Simple Cellulose debuted at 2018 IFT in July, and since that time has been the key ingredient in dozens of bakery trial tests across the U.S., winning rave reviews and orders for its ability to improve ‘free-from’ recipes with tasty product, extended freshness and reduced costs.

“Today we’re happy to be entering a new era in food in which consumer appetite for healthier foods and clean labels is balanced with higher-quality ingredients and cost savings for food producers. This has always been the promise of plant-based ingredients, and the growth and interest we’ve seen just since IFT this summer has been amazing,” said Mike Hamilton, Renmatix CEO. “The demand for novel plant-based ingredients like Simple Cellulose, coupled with the proven go-to-market success of The Ingredient House, provides an exciting next chapter for consumers. The relationships and track record that The Ingredient House has with its customer base, combined with the introduction of Simple Cellulose, will further allow it to serve shifting U.S. consumer food preferences and support cost savings in production for its customers.”

“We’re pleased to be joining with Renmatix to bring this unique ingredient to the food market, and our early market efforts will focus on leading bakery manufacturers,” said Graham Hall, CEO of The Ingredient House. “Renmatix has achieved a true breakthrough with Simple Cellulose, offering multifunctional property benefits and cost savings to the baked goods industry. Given our ability to penetrate a supply position within the leading bakeries in the U.S. and our proven ability to deliver customer growth with innovative products, we expect to quickly realize market success promoting Simple Cellulose across our target customer base.”

Renmatix, Inc., headquartered in King of Prussia (Philadelphia), has developed the Plantrose® process, which converts plant materials into valuable fractions of materials, such as Simple Cellulose. The company’s proprietary Plantrose process challenges conventional production economics by using water in converting plant-based feedstocks into high performing, cost-enabled products.

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