Finnish Bioeconomy takes a step forward with KaiCell Fibers

Jukka Kantola

Finnish bioeconomy takes a step forward. KaiCell Fibers Ltd is led to the stage that preparation for construction can get started. Environment permit is in the authority evaluation, mill site is contracted, and coding is getting ready, big share of the wood supply is pre-contracted, technical preparations are well advanced and industrial partners have readiness to join in.

”It has been a great pleasure to make new story again for Finnish industry. We were earlier helping Boreal Bioref into the good start and now KaiCell Fibers is conducted into the stage, that investment decision can be reach by end of next year. Our job is done, and it is time to develop something else” says CEO Jukka Kantola. “What a motivated team we had for this and I’m convinced that up-coming KaiCell Fibers management has good basis to execute venture into the operations.”

Jukka Kantola and NC Partnering Ltd have been in a major role in the development of KaiCelll Fibers venture. In March 2017 Jukka Kantola accepted to act as CEO of KaiCell Fibers. NC Partnering has been creating totally new mode of operations into the forests industry by introducing start-up companies in the field, which have been mainly managed by well-established companies. The Finnish company headquartered in Oulu  is a bioeconomy advisory company set up to utilize the collective skills and insights of a diverse team. “Each partner – the company claims – brings hands-on experience from world-class companies and major industrial projects, and our international network of individuals, companies and institutions provides us with virtually unlimited resources for tackling intricate and demanding projects”.

The company will organize next September in Ruka (Northern Finland) the World BioEconomy Forum, which brings leading edge bioeconomy face-to-face with one of the world’s unique areas of outstanding natural beauty and biodiverse forests. The 2nd World BioEconomy Forum will be held at Ruka on 11–13 September 2019.


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