The biobased self-mattin resin developed by Royal DSM takes a step forward

Headquarter of Royal DSM in Heerlen (The Netherlands)

Royal DSM, a global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living,  announces that its new, bio-based self-matting resin, Decovery® SP-2022 XP, has been successfully integrated by coating formulators Ciranova and Arboritec AB into products launched at Domotex 2020. As such, the resin is now successfully enabling easier application and higher aesthetic and functional performance in the flooring market, as well as outperforming conventional market alternatives on sustainability.

Above all, the new resin addresses the strong market demand for ultra-matt coating products that are easier to formulate and apply, enabling floor coatings with as few as 5 gloss units at an 85°angle. In particular, the Decovery SP-2022 XP resin requires no matting agents and has excellent workability while offering good in-can stability. As such, the new resin – the Dutch multinational company claims – will enable significantly easier processing than many of the commercially available alternatives, with up to one-hour time savings in operations. Decovery SP-2022 XP offers this functional performance with a minimal environmental impact: the resin has 35% bio-based content and can be formulated with low levels of VOCs.

“Our unique resin – Adri van der Waals, Product Launch Director DSM Resins & Functional Materials, stated – leverages our plant-based Decovery technology platform, which was originally developed for paint and ink solutions. Having developed Decovery solutions for decorative and industrial applications, the new resin – which was launched in March 2019 – is the first Decovery solution for the flooring market. This technology not only drives new commercial standards in the flooring industry, it also contributes to DSM Coating Resins achieving the ambitious sustainability targets we set last year to reduce the carbon footprint of our business, and in particular the commitment to at least 30% of the raw materials we use being from bio-based and/or recycled sources by 2030.”

Wouter Devaere, CEO Ciranova added “At Ciranova, we’re seeing a growing market demand for solutions that deliver on both quality and on environmental friendliness. DSM’s Decovery SP-2022 XP is a real game-changer, offering a significant improvement compared to alternatives in terms of the sustainability value and the final performance of our wooden coatings. We look forward to building on this success with DSM, and to a future of better wood finishes.”

“DSM’s unique bio-based resin – Ain Villemson, CEO Arboritec AB, said – is allowing us to seize the strong growth opportunities for sustainable coatings, and to positively differentiate ourselves from our standard competitors. It has also simplified our production process while delivering excellent performance. DSM is a key partner for Arboritec, and we hope to drive further collaborative success in the years to come.”

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