Stora Enso and EcoTelligent Oy joined forces to advance sustainable wood-based telecom towers

Stora Enso Paper mill in Hyltebruk
Stora Enso paper mill in Hyltebruk (Sweden)

A new partnership between Stora Enso and EcoTelligent Oy will establish mass timber as the material of choice for telecommunication support structures. The collaboration is set to provide an alternative that will reduce the dependency on steel and concrete in telecom masts, through sustainable towers that naturally blend in with the environment. 

EcoTelligent is a Finnish-based company committed to adding renewable wooden elements to communication towers. Their towers are proving to be a significant step in the transition towards more sustainable construction, integrating our community spaces with the local environment. 

The 5G and beyond towers will be constructed with laminated veneer lumber (LVL). LVL is a mass timber product that, in proportion to weight, is twice as strong as steel. In addition, the material has a high load-bearing capacity that can easily support telecommunication equipment. Unlike steel and concrete, LVL is relatively lightweight to transport and can be assembled in modules on site without heavy-duty equipment. Furthermore, LVL is a renewable material with a minimal carbon footprint.

“We are proud to enter into a partnership with EcoTelligent who, like us, strives to push boundaries and demonstrate the many possibilities with wood,” said Lars Völkel, Executive Vice President, Division Wood Products, Stora Enso. “As one of the largest sawn wood producers and private forest owners in the world, we play an important role in the global transformation to a more sustainable world. With this partnership, we intend to develop a competitive and reliable supply chain for the growing market of sustainable wooden telecom towers.” 

“There are thousands of telecommunication towers under construction worldwide at this very moment. It is increasingly important to consider emissions in this sector. The commitment of Stora Enso to replace fossil-based materials with renewables is a perfect match for EcoTelligent,” said Gyöngyi Mátray, CEO of EcoTelligent. 

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