Bio-on and GimaTT together for the bio-based packaging of products derived from tobacco

Marco Astorri

Italian industrial biotech company Bio-on, specialized in the sector of bioplastic of high quality, organic and biodegradable at 100%, set up AMT Labs S.p.A., a newco dedicated to the study, development and production of innovative materials for the tobacco world. Now AMT Labs company, capitalised with 10 million euros, sees the entry of GimaTT, with a 20% share for an investment of 2.2 million euros. GimaTT is a leader in the design and assembly of automatic machines on eletronic basis for the the packaging of products derived from tobacco and, in particular, those of new generation at reduced risk. Gima TT is controlled by IMA S.p.A. and is listed on the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange since October 2017.

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