Global Renewable Fuels Alliance: 62 countries now have biofuels friendly policies

World map
World map

According to the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance, a global biofuels federation representing over 65% of the world’s renewable fuels production from 44 different countries, 62 countries now have biofuels friendly policies in place whose ethanol production alone has replaced the need for over 2 million barrels of crude oil per day.

“It is amazing to watch the growth of the biofuels industry from a global perspective,” said Bliss Baker, spokesperson for the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance. “Today, governments have embraced biofuels in every corner of the world, from Australia to Zimbabwe,” added Baker.

One of the latest countries to enact a biofuels mandate is India. Currently their mandate is set at 5% Ethanol content and scheduled to increase to 10% as soon as production capacity is in place. India has ultimately set a goal of 20% for all biofuels content by 2017.

“Enacting biofuels friendly policies in developing countries and growing economies like India will be crucial for the continued growth of the global biofuels industry and reducing our reliance on crude imports,” stated Baker.

“The GRFA applauds the government of India for taking the steps to reduce its reliance on crude oil and setting a plan in place to become a global leader in biofuels use and production,” added Baker.

“The GRFA’s new Interactive World Biofuels Map clearly shows that biofuels production and policies are no longer limited to the United States and Brazil, but have spread to numerous countries that are struggling to reduce GHG emissions and reduce their reliance on crude imports,” said Mr. Baker.

“It is interesting to note that several African countries now have biofuels friendly policies in place,” said Mr. Baker. “Countries like Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sudan and Mozambique all now have biofuels friendly policies in place to encourage the use and production of renewable fuels. In total, ten African countries have implemented biofuels friendly policies to reduce their crude oil reliance,” concluded Baker.

The significant growth in the global biofuels industry to 62 countries with biofuels friendly policies can be viewed on the GRFA’s new Interactive World Biofuels Map.

2 thoughts on “Global Renewable Fuels Alliance: 62 countries now have biofuels friendly policies

    • les paul 29 August 2013 / 10:25 am

      Claiming India has little water and land is laughable to say the least. India could easily become a world player in biofuels with its great amount of land, water, and great weather. If it is not is not because of lack of resources.

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