Invista launches bio-based Lycra

Headquarter of Invista in Wichita, Kansas

Invista, one of the world’s largest integrated producers of polymers and fibers, and owner of the Lycra brand, introduces the only commercial offering of a bio-derived spandex available globally and for use in a wide variety of apparel fabrics and garments. Approximately 70% by weight of the new Lycra bio-derived spandex fiber comes from a renewable source made from dextrose derived from corn. The use of a renewable feedstock in the making of this new Lycra bio-derived fiber results in a lower CO2 emissions footprint than spandex produced using traditional raw materials.

With this new Lycra brand offering, Invista is providing retailers and manufacturers of stretch fabrics a spandex fiber option that can impact the overall lifecycle analysis of the fabric and garment. The new fiber is made to Invista’s high standards and specifications.

Therefore, the company headquartered in Kansas (US) does not anticipate a need to re-engineer fabrics and finishing processes, or garment patterns. According to Robert L. Kirkwood, executive vice president of Apparel Marketing and Technology, “the bio-derived Lycra fiber offering is another example that confirms Invista’s commitment to the Apparel industry”. 

Arnaud Tandonnet, Invista Apparel global sustainability director, said, “We are very aware that sustainability topics are becoming increasingly important in the textile and apparel value chain, with growing awareness and building education on the subject at the consumer, brand/retail and mill level. In our research facilities we have successfully produced the fiber and evaluated it in fabric applications. The production of commercial quantities is planned for the autumn/winter 2015 and spring/summer 2016 collections. We look forward to working with our customers throughout the value chain as we expand this new development.”

Last October, Invista and Ingenza, a leading industrial biotechnology and synthetic biology company, announced a collaboration for the development of new technologies to enable bio-derived processes for the production of industrial chemicals. The collaboration will leverage Invista’s capabilities in biotechnology and catalysis, and knowledge of the chemicals industry, and Ingenza’s synthetic biology and industrial biotechnology capabilities for the development of new, bio-derived routes to industrial chemicals.

“Invista believes biotechnology has the potential to significantly improve the cost and availability of several chemicals and raw materials that are used to produce its current products,” said Warren Primeaux, president of Invista Intermediates. “We see Ingenza’s capabilities as very complementary to our own and are pleased to announce this extended collaboration.” 

According to Ian Fotheringham, president of Ingenza, “this exciting partnership with Invista brings together two innovative, global leading companies that could establish a new generation of transformational bio-manufacturing technologies for industrial chemicals and polymers.”

One thought on “Invista launches bio-based Lycra

  1. LycraLover 30 May 2014 / 12:33 am

    Thanks Invista. Its great to see your company making efforts to go green and phase out fossil fuels in the production of lycra. At Lose It In Lycra, we promote all things lycra with a particular focus on sports wear. Kind regards, Lycra Luva!

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