From Genoa the Italian Bioeconomy opens to the world

Piazza De Ferrari (Genoa)
Piazza De Ferrari (Genoa)

Genoa will be the Euro-mediterranean capital of the bioeconomy for a couple of days. The Italian Forum on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy (IFIB) goes to the wonderful city of North-Western Italy from 25 to 26 September 2014 at Palazzo della Borsa, which – built in 1912 and located in the city by the main Piazza De Ferrari – has been the seat of the old stock exchange.

With around 200 delegates in attendance from approximately twenty different countries from all around the world, the conference truly succeeds for the second year in its ambitious aim to transform from an Italian event to a Euro-mediterranean congress for the vibrant and dynamic sector of the bioeconomy.

Italy’s impressive local representation will be showcased alongside an exceptional international speaker line. These business and policy leaders will share their insights on strengthening the biobased value chain in order to produce smarter, more sustainable products, processes to create new jobs and generate economic growth.

To animate the forum will be about 40 scientific presentations divided into seven sessions: Life Sciences, Biocatalysis, Environment, Energy and Biorefineries, Bio-based Chemistry, Agro-food, Marine Biotech and Technology Transfer. Protagonists will be universities, research centers, SMEs and big corporations, such as Clariant, Cargill, Merck, Fresenius and Croda. But not only that: to discuss about investments in the bioeconomy will be representatives of the main venture capitals in Europe. Josko Bobanovic for Sofinnova Partners, Michael Nettersheim for Basf Venture Capital and Aurelio Mezzotero for Atlante Ventures (Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Group).

From Genoa, where the port is looking for a new role in the bioeconomy, all the players will be called to give concrete examples of how to reconcile economic growth, environmental sustainability and creation of high-skilled jobs. From here, one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world, the Italian bioeconomy will open to the world, claiming its Euro-mediterranean centrality.


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