DSM invests in US manufactoring facility for sustainable resins

Headquarter of Royal DSM in Heerlen (The Netherlands)

Royal DSM, the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company headquartered in The Netherlands, announced yesterday a “substantial investment” in its Wilmington, Massachusetts (USA) manufacturing facility in order to produce waterborne resins for inks and coatings. Driven by its commitment to grow the sustainable coatings market, DSM will
upgrade its facilities to produce state-of-the-art waterborne resins for inks and coatings.

The societal trends toward environmentally friendly and renewable products call for novel resin technologies. The company said that the development of waterborne urethane technologies enables customers to stay ahead of anticipated environmental and regulatory challenges without sacrificing performance. The NeoRez, NeoRad and NeoPac portfolio of resins are used in packaging, construction, flooring, automotive, textiles, decorative, adhesive and general industrial segments

DSM is recognized as a global leader in the development and production of sustainable resins systems such as water-based coating resins and powder resins for industrial coatings and decorative coatings, addressing the growing demand for more environmentally friendly materials. DSM Resins is the European market leader in unsaturated polyester resins and is rapidly building a position in the fast growing markets of China.

Patrick Niels, president of DSM Resins & Functional Materials, said: “We believe that, together with our industry partners, we can transform the coatings market towards healthy and environmentally-friendly technologies and solutions. Introducing waterborne products that deliver on sustainability as well as improved performance, creates significant growth opportunities for our customers.”

At the ground breaking ceremony, held in Wilmington, Massachusetts, Rijoy Putatunda, President DSM Coating Resins, Inc. said: “This substantial investment in our full range of waterborne urethane capabilities in Wilmington shows our commitment to the success of our customers and our belief in the North American market.”

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