British Synthace closes a £2.2 million funding round


Investment funds are looking with more attention to the bioeconomy. British bioengineering firm Synthace has closed a £2.2 million funding round with new investors SOSventures, Bioeconomy Capital and Rainbow Seed Fund joining Sofinnova Partners and other existing investors.

Synthace develops and applies bioengineering tools and working practices, working with industry leaders to accelerate the introduction of bio-based products into the marketplace.

With its growing collection of integrated technologies – including the Antha language for biology driving an automated laboratory environment – Synthace is setting new benchmarks in how to engineer biological systems.
The new financing will be used to expand automation and to further develop and disseminate the Antha language, making it easy to rapidly compose reproducible workflows using individually validated unit operations.

“As growth in the global bioeconomy starts to rocket, Synthace offers its blue-chip partners the reproducibility, robustness and productivity necessary to compete in the 21st Century’s biggest revolution,” said Tim Fell, Synthace CEO.

Rob Carlson, Managing Director of Bioeconomy Capital and creator of the Carlson Curve, the biotechnological equivalent of Moore’s law, commented, “Synthace distinguishes itself in that everything its software developers write is tested on a daily basis at the lab bench. This feedback leads to higher precision, greater throughput, and unparalleled performance for customers. That’s why I invested in it.”

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