Still together for the bioeconomy revolution

Former EU Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn speaks to delegates during the Bioeconomy conference in Dublin on February 14, 2013.

Dear Readers,

let me talk about us, to share with you an acknowledgment that we are very pleased to receive. Our blog is considered a model to follow in a scientific paper entitled “Gearing Modeling of Regional Eco-Bio-Logistic Components in Bioeconomic Management, Using Arena Simulation Software”, written by Claudiu Pîrnău, a researcher of the University of Sibiu (Romania), and presented last year at the Scientific Papers International Conference on Knowledge Society.

According to the Romanian researcher “A successful and sustainable bio-economy needs coherent and integrated policy directions, based on key- (actions) domains, such as: Investments in relevant research fields both within each sector of activity and by encouraging multidisciplinary programs. An example can be the first blog specialized in Bioeconomy (Bioeconomy Blog) called “Il Bioeconomista”.

We are really pleased, as journalists who tell the facts and express their opinions, that our blog is considered an important tool to support the development of the bioeconomy.

It was our intention. But we tell the facts. The real protagonists of this revolution of the bioeconomy are you, your passion, your work, your visionary ability that is the basis for all scientific and economic progress.

You demonstrate every day to believe in a world where it is possible to do business, to support economic growth, while respecting the environment, the future of our sons and our daughters, creating jobs, which give dignity to people. In a word: a better world.

Our blog, born as Italian, has become gradually European. Our language is English. And now an increasing number of new readers comes from the United States, Latin America and Asia. Proof that the revolution of the bioeconomy is a world revolution, that feeds on contaminations and collaborations. That builds bridges, not walls.

In a world increasingly full of violence and intolerance, the bioeconomy is a ray of light, a bridge thrown towards the future of a sustainable economy and society.

So thank you for the trust you give us, that is the force that keeps us going to do our job as journalists. A little blog today can have the strength to push for change.

Mario Bonaccorso

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