Biotec and Kaneka together to create new bio-based compounds

Kaneka's headquartet in Osaka

There is a new partnership in the world bioeconomy. German Biotec GmbH and Japanese Kaneka Corporation signed a broad Joint Development Agreement for the application of biopolymers. Biotec develops and manufactures bio-based, biodegradable and compostable compounds under the trade name Bioplast. Kaneka is the producer of a 100% bio based and innovative PHBH polymer with the brand name Aonilex, which is new to the market. Both companies agreed to combine development resources to create new bio-based compounds for the application fields of pharmaceutical capsules, extrusion coated paper and cardboard, various other flexible and rigid films and packaging solutions.

This strategic partnership is expected to spark innovation and additional development in the plastic markets by maximizing the product development talents and resources at both companies, while driving scale and efficiency through the partners’ respective supply chains. These new applications, which Kaneka and Biotec focus on, aim to contribute significantly to the development of a more sustainable and environmental friendly society.

John Persenda, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Biotec, said: “We are pleased to have signed this joint agreement that broadens our new product developments based on biodegradable resins. We are now delighted to be in a position to work closely together, extending our reach across a wide range of applications”.

Mamoru Kadokura, President of Kaneka Corporation, added: “Strong partnerships in the value chain are indispensable to manifest our new Aonilex biopolymers in a broad range of innovative and sustainable applications. We are delighted to participate in creation of new value of plastics through this joint development works”.

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