Bio-on bioplastics suitable also for extremely advanced applications such as drug delivery

Marco Astorri, Bio-On Ceo
Marco Astorri, Bio-On Ceo

With the bioplastic developed by Bio-on, it is now possible to create capsules for controlled drug administration inside the human body or for gradual release of active substances in agriculture. The properties of MINERV PHA bioplastic, completely “biobased” and 100% naturally biodegradable, enable the creation of micro and nano particles, both full and hollow, in which the trapped active substance is released gradually, even after months, exploiting the biodegradability of bioplastic. In this way, it is possible to administer directly in the human body numerous types of drugs such as anaesthetics, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, antitumor, hormones, steroids and vaccines. Cosmetic or agricultural use is equally broad.

“Biodegradability, biocompatibility, environmental sustainability and excellent physical and mechanical properties combine in synergy in polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs), making these plastics suitable also for extremely advanced applications, such as for example drug delivery,” explains Paola Fabbri at the University of Bologna, who has been researching the potential application of PHAs for years. “We are evaluating various techniques for the production of nano and micro particles with extremely controlled morphology, which enable good control of drug release kinetics”.

“It is an innovation that paves the way for an array of applications for human health and for the new green chemical industry applied to the environment,” says Marco Astorri, Ceo of Bio-On S.p.A., “because the controlled, localised release of drugs (such as antitumor drugs) and the use of antiparasitic drugs or fertilisers in specific quantities and periods will enable great optimisations and a boost to performances in various applications. We are proud,” continues Astorri, “to develop in Italy devices that can change the future of active substance administration around the world. The resources collected from being listed on the AIM Milan stock exchange,” he concludes, “will enable further expansion into the development of new and innovative applications in the bio medical field”.

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