The Secos Group starts trial production of hygiene film made from bioplastics


SECOS Group, a leader in sustainable packaging formed through the merger of Cardia Bioplastics and Stellar Films Group in April 2015, announced the successful scale-up production of its “environmentally friendly, high quality and cost competitive Biohybrid™ films” tailored for the global personal care and hygiene product markets. The company manufactures a broad range of Biohybrid™ hygiene films at its Stellar Films Australian cast film manufacturing plant.

Biohybrid™ films are differentiated through their unique soft touch, warm feel and quietness in handling that is ideal for personal care product applications. Environmentally preferred and body friendly, containing GMO free renewable plant based material, Biohybrid™ films contain less oil, have a lower carbon footprint and are heavy metal free, ideal attributes for the growing personal care and hygiene product applications.

The absorbent hygiene products market is a $72 billion industry growing 5.5% a year, with growth being driven by demographics and economic development across both developed and developing markets. Factors such as, births increasing across Asia, ageing populations, female population growth and increasing middle classes with higher disposable income are driving demand for quality disposable personal hygiene products including baby nappies, feminine hygiene products and adult incontinence products.

Brand owners and consumers are demanding more environmentally friendly, sustainable and non-toxic solutions for disposable personal hygiene products. Cardia Biohybrid™ hygiene films deliver on all requirements – environmentally friendly, sustainable, heavy metal free and body friendly with soft touch and warm feel. The new Biohybrid™ hygiene films are both a more sustainable and a healthier choice.

Stephen Walters, SECOS Group Managing Director, stated, “We are thrilled with the exceptional results achieved by combining Stellar Films process with Cardia Biohybrid™ resin technology. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the cast film market has enabled us to develop a product that the personal care and hygiene product industry as well as consumers are demanding.” Walters continued, “Bringing together Stellar Films Group, Cardia Bioplastics and Akronn technologies under the SECOS Group umbrella is enabling us to create highly innovative, sustainable and non-toxic solutions for a fast evolving market.”

Following initial tests and engagement with major personal care and hygiene product manufacturers, SECOS has received product requests and specifications from ten potential customers. These manufacturers have been provided with their tailored Biohybrid™ hygiene sample films for in-house validation and product performance testing.

Cardia Bioplastics CEO Frank Glatz stated, “Bioplastics have the ability to fundamentally change the personal care and hygiene product markets and we are excited to be involved in driving this change by supplying manufacturers with quality and cost competitive materials.” Glatz continued, “We are confident that the manufacturers who are now validating our films through their product testing will see the unique benefits that Biohybrid™ hygiene films offer their products in their applications.”

Stellar Films manufacturing plant located in Melbourne, Australia, has the capacity to produce up to 6,000 tonnes of high quality hygiene films per annum. Ideal for applications such as nappy back sheets and sanitary napkins, Stellar’s cast films are in high demand by global hygiene companies. Combining Stellar Films process with Cardia Biohybrid™ environmentally friendly resins technology delivers the quality sustainable choice.

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