Flow Festival in Helsinki will be a carbon-neutral event

Flow Festival in Finland last year
Flow Festival in Finland last year

Flow Festival, which will take place between 12 and 14 August in Suvilahti, Helsinki, will be a carbon-neutral event, seeking to minimize emissions through comprehensive environmental work. Neste, the world’s leading producer of renewable diesel, will provide Neste Renewable Diesel made 100% from wastes and residues to the generation of electricity requirements of Flow. Most of the electricity required for the festival will come from generators, as the electric grid in the area can only supply a small fraction of the power required for the event.

“It is wonderful that we have had the opportunity to help the Flow Festival for several consecutive years to meet their ambitious emission targets by using Neste Renewable Diesel to generate electricity for their event. With the help of our renewable diesel made of wastes and residues, Flow will be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions up to 90% compared to fossil diesel fuel. In addition, air quality is also more pleasant due to its use, since the renewable diesel produces considerably less odors and particulate emissions into the environment”, says Kaisa Hietala, Executive Vice President, Renewable Products at Neste.

“Collaboration with Neste is very important for us, enabling us to achieve concrete results in our environmental work. Neste enables generation of electricity from renewable fuel for the entire event, allowing us to reduce the total carbon footprint of Flow Festival,” comments Suvi Kallio, Managing Director of Flow Festival.

Neste’s proprietary NEXBTL technology allows the use of almost any waste fat or vegetable oil in the production of high quality renewable diesel and other renewable products. Neste is constantly looking into expanding low-carbon raw material base even further. At present, more than 75 per cent of the renewable raw material Neste uses consists of wastes and residues.

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