Danish government launches the white paper on circular economy

Carlsberg Italy at Ecomondo
Carlsberg Italy at Ecomondo

The Danish Minister for Environment and Food, Esben Lunde Larsen, launched yesterday the white paper on Danish circular economy at the conference ‘Danish Pioneers of Sustainability’ hosted by the Conferederation of Danish Industry.

This white paper has the purpose of contributing to the common understanding of the circular economy concept and, through the use of practical examples, illustrate how Danish companies are providing solutions that help progress the transition towards a circular economy.

Circular economies are high on the international political agenda. “However – Esben Lunden Larsen said – we are only at the beginning of the journey towards becoming a circular economy. Public and private cooperation is crucial to convert challenges into opportunities on a national, regional and global level”.

Danish companies are already moving towards adaptation of more circular business models, because it has proven to be a sound business strategy that facilitates access to new markets, drive innovative solutions and saves production costs, underlining the fact that circular economies are highly business driven.

Throughout this white paper, specific company examples will be used to exemplify and show how new, innovative business models can benefit the environment, climate and economy.


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