Amsterdam center of gravity of the biobased economy

Amsterdam will be the center of gravity of the biobased economy this May. In its second year, Bio-Based Live Europe will bring together technology suppliers, chemical companies, start-ups, investors, government and brands to talk about the latest innovations and share best practice. With mergers and acquisitions, product launches, breakthroughs in the laboratory and rising consumer demand, the past 12 months has been an exciting time for those involved in the Bio-Based industry.

With these developments, Bio-Based Live in Amsterdam on 31 May – 1 June 2017 will focus on 3 areas: money, models and markets where speakers across the entire value chain will help attendees focus on the undoubted commercial potential of bio-based chemicals and products.

The cross-section of the value chain is reflected in the speaker line-up, sponsors and exhibitors who are supporting this year’s show. Frédéric Meyer, Director of Strategy & Growth at Total Group, one of the Exhibitors at this year’s show said recently: “No doubt the Bio-Based Live conference is gaining momentum and will soon become the place to be for all players involved in the bio-sourced industry.”

Confirmed speakers are from Carlsberg, Synvina, H&M, Lanzatech, Capricorn Venture Partners. Furthermore, an exclusive boat tour of Port of Amsterdam which will give an in-depth insight on the bio-based cluster Amsterdam.

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