World Bio Markets brings together in Amsterdam the bioeconomy global value chain

With governments committed to reducing emissions and consumers becoming more educated about where their products come from, there are opportunities for the bio-based sector to become a true contender to fossil oil. Yet long development times, lack of investment, and challenges in attaining a secure and sustainable supply chain have made it difficult for the bio-economy to achieve commercial success.

The World Bio Markets, which will take place on 20-22 March in Amsterdam, aims at providing a platform for the entire global value chain, from feedstock producers to consumer brands, to work together to overcome these challenges.

“World Bio Markets is a really good platform for sharing experiences and promoting business with high level actors of the bio-based industry sector” said Andrea Salimbeni, Project Manager, European Biomass Industry Association.

The event will focus on three key themes; bio-based chemicals, bio-fuels and sustainable products. To keep the audience abreast of key developments and sharing best practice will be a top-level speaker line-up from around the world to deliver the most up-to-date content for bio-based professionals.

The event will take place over three days at the Passenger Terminals in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The first two days will hold the main conference and feature the presentations, panel discussions, and roundtables, with the final day a open to a limited audience to take part in practical workshops, drilling down into specific topics.

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