Nouryon launched a versatile non-amine adhesion promoter derived from renewable resources

Nouryon has taken a step forward in the bioeconomy. The Dutch company (formerly AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals) has expanded its offering for the asphalt market with Wetfix G400, a versatile non-amine adhesion promoter derived from renewable resources. Wetfix G400 meets customers’ needs for a more sustainable alternative that maintains asphalt mixture performance and durability.

Adhesion promoters are added to asphalt mixes used in road construction and maintenance to protect from moisture damage and extend the life of asphalt pavement. However, conventional adhesion promoters are not compatible with polyphosphoric acid (PPA), which is growing in popularity as an economical way to modify asphalt binders to the desired performance level.

“With Wetfix G400, we’ve created a solution for our customers that is compatible with PPA modified binders and works with all types of aggregates,” said Sundaram Logaraj, Global Technical Marketing Manager Asphalt at Nouryon. “Because it is derived mainly from castor oil which comes from renewable resources, it is more sustainable than conventional adhesion promoters. Also, it is exceptionally low odor, which improves the working condition for personnel involved in production and paving of asphalt mixes.”

“We’ve been proudly serving the asphalt market globally since the 1940s”, AB Ghosh, Managing Director Surface Chemistry at Nouryon added. “The launch of Wetfix G400 is a testament to our expertise in the market and dedication to identifying innovative solutions for our customers.”

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