Ruka in Finland is ready to host the second World Bioeconomy Forum


Experts from the leading edge of bioeconomy gather together in the outstanding nature of northeast Finland for roundtable discussions at the second ever World BioEconomy Forum in September. From September 11 to 13, Ruka will host some of the world’s most influential bioeconomy stakeholders, policymakers, researchers and innovators as speakers. Program is arranged by well-established Advisory Board (AB) of circular bioeconomy advocators.

The first World BioEconomy Forum kicked off in Ruka, North-East Finland in September last year and was an instant success. The location, in the middle of a pristine northern wilderness, helped delegates from at least 15 countries around the globe focus on the seriousness of the mission in hand; the critical efforts to alleviate climate change and slow down the drastic effects of global warming.

The World BioEconomy Forum was founded in 2018 by Jukka Kantola, CEO of NC Partnering and seasoned professional operating in bio-based industries. It was while performing a variety of roles in the bioeconomy that Kantola noticed the sector needed a reliable and solid platform to bring together all the various moving parts. The bioeconomy has various vital stakeholders, including governments, research bodies, recognized international experts – and very importantly – industries operating in the bio space.

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