TOMS goes green with I’m Green bio-based EVA by Braskem

Courtesy of Braskem

According to the UNEP1, the fashion industry makes up for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions – more than international flights and shipping combined. TOMS – short for Tomorrow’s Shoes – has committed to reduce its carbon footprint by 2025, and this already starts with the choice of resources and materials for production.

In footwear, a major component of the outsole is EVA, a substance that makes for a rubber-like texture and warrants durability. As conventional EVA derives from fossil fuels, it contributes to carbon emissions. In contrast, Braskem’s I’m green bio-based EVA is made from biofuel obtained from sugar cane. This highly efficient crop is carbon-negative: Sugar cane consumes CO2 and extracts clean oxygen. I’m green bio-based EVA is the first earth-friendly alternative to conventional EVA that also offers the same comfort and longevity.

Given its commitments, California-based TOMS is adding the innovative I’m green bio-based EVA from Braskem to its framework of earth-friendly materials and presents new earthwiseT -styles featuring the carbon-negative EVA. One of these styles is the tie-dye plant dye capsule – a shoe that already features earth-friendly elements in most of its components: Apart from the outsole being made with I’m green bio-based EVA, the TENCELT Lyocell lining is dyed through a chemical-free process using botanical pigments, and the Ortholite insole comprises of 26% eco content. These components make the tie-dye plant dye the go-to earth-friendly style of the Fall/Winter 2020 season.


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