DMC Biotech and Conagen joined forces for the commercial production of L-alanine


Denver, Colorado

DMC Biotechnologies and Conagen Inc. have entered into a manufacturing agreement for the commercial production of DMC’s first product, L-alanine. L-alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid used widely in homecare products, human nutrition, and pharmaceutical applications. DMC’s fermentation technology enables L-alanine to be produced with attractive economics as part of a regional supply chain with increased reliability and greater sustainability.

This partnership combines Conagen’s production expertise with DMC’s bioprocess technology and follows DMC’s demonstration of commercial-scale production (85m3) in March 2021. DMC has a robust product pipeline, including additional amino acids, that will subsequently be brought to the market.

Matt Lipscomb, Ph.D., CEO & Co-Founder of DMC said, “We have successfully advanced our first product, L-alanine toward commercialization in less time and with much less capital than has traditionally been required in the biotech industry. DMC is now in a position to meet growing customer needs for economically attractive and sustainably produced products. The pandemic has clearly shown the value of regional and robust supply chains for everyday products.”

“We are proud to collaborate with DMC as a manufacturing partner to bring L-alanine to the growing global market. Utilizing our well-established R&D and commercialization capabilities, we are honored to provide commercial-scale production of DMC’s first product meeting customer requirements,” said Conagen CEO Oliver Yu.

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