An interview with Kelly Smith, VP R&D DMC Biotech

“The crises, while tragic, created an opportunity to rethink security of supply in terms of where things are manufactured, and DMC is positioned to lead the change. It has taken time to get to this point. Nobody really saw the benefit of shortening supply chains until we had these recent crises. And all of a sudden, everyone is talking about logistics.” Kelly Smith, VP R&D at DMC Biotech talks with Il Bioeconomista.

Interview by Mario Bonaccorso

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DMC Biotech and Conagen joined forces for the commercial production of L-alanine


Denver, Colorado

DMC Biotechnologies and Conagen Inc. have entered into a manufacturing agreement for the commercial production of DMC’s first product, L-alanine. L-alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid used widely in homecare products, human nutrition, and pharmaceutical applications. DMC’s fermentation technology enables L-alanine to be produced with attractive economics as part of a regional supply chain with increased reliability and greater sustainability.

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DMC Biotech takes a step forward in Leuna

Fraunhofer in Leuna

DMC Biotechnologies has successfully demonstrated full commercial scale (85m3 fermentation at EW Biotech, Germany) for its first product, the amino acid L-alanine. The scale-up results identically tracked the performance at bench and pilot scales, further validating the predictability and scalability of DMC’s Dynamic Metabolic Control technology, inform the US company. Importantly, commercial performance metrics were demonstrated, meaning that no further strain improvements are required to achieve the target selling price.

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DMC Biotech completed successful pilot of L-alanine at BPF in Delft

Matt Lipscomb, CEO of DMC

DMC Biotechnologies, the US BioBased specialty chemical company, has successfully produced its lead product, L-alanine at pilot scale. Commercial key performance metrics were achieved and performance from the bench scale was also demonstrated at 3m3scale fermentation and for each of the downstream purification unit operations.  The robustness of DMC’s Dynamic Metabolic Control technology to the process environment was also validated.

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