Versalis develops in Sardinia the raw material for Sunpower, a herbicide produced from renewable sources

Image Matrica
Plant in Porto Torres, Italy

Versalis Sunpower is the name of the broad spectrum herbicide from renewable sources marketed by Versalis that controls annual and perennial weeds in urban and industrial areas. From pelargonic acid produced at the Porto Torres, Sardinia, plant, Versalis, based on the agreement with AlphaBio Control, a research and development company specialized in the creation of natural formulations for crop protection, offers to the market the product derived from vegetable oils which controls weeds by acting in synergy with solar radiation.

Sunpower is authorized by the Ministry of Health as a phytosanitary product for professional use only, and is biodegradable. The product acts quickly by contact, drying out the weed flora and, given its properties, it can be used in parks and public gardens and in tourist areas, avoiding the use of mechanical methods.

The new product – the chemical division of Italian oil company Eni stated – is already available for sale. Field experiments have begun at some of Eni’s sites and plants and, at Porto Torres town, thanks to the agreement with the Municipality that has used the phytosanitary product supplied free of charge by Versalis, all of which have met the expectations.

One thought on “Versalis develops in Sardinia the raw material for Sunpower, a herbicide produced from renewable sources

  1. Iris Aquilina anderson 1 November 2021 / 12:06 pm

    Yes Alphabio based in the UK have been researching bioproducts for many years and good to hear that the scaling up is now truly happening.

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