Versalis develops in Sardinia the raw material for Sunpower, a herbicide produced from renewable sources

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Plant in Porto Torres, Italy

Versalis Sunpower is the name of the broad spectrum herbicide from renewable sources marketed by Versalis that controls annual and perennial weeds in urban and industrial areas. From pelargonic acid produced at the Porto Torres, Sardinia, plant, Versalis, based on the agreement with AlphaBio Control, a research and development company specialized in the creation of natural formulations for crop protection, offers to the market the product derived from vegetable oils which controls weeds by acting in synergy with solar radiation.

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In Sardinia the first Italian start-up that develops biopesticides

agricoltura sardegna“The landing in a sustainable agriculture is one of the major challenges of the third millennium, with a major impact on the health of humans and animals, biodiversity and the balance of the entire ecosystem.” To say it in this interview is Luca Ruiu, a researcher at the University of Sassari, founder and CEO of Bioecopest, a spin-off of the same university that develops natural biopesticides, “antagonistic microorganisms harmful for pests you want to eradicate from crops, but absolutely harmless for those who then goes to eat fruit and vegetables treated in this way.” With Ruiu we talk on biopesticides, sustainable agriculture and bioeconomy as a driver for the economic growth and the creation of new high-skilled employment.

Interview by Mario Bonaccorso

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