BIC and Tech Tour launched the Bio-based Industries Investment Programme

A picture from the Bioeconomy Investment Summit 2017 in Helsinki

Tech Tour and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) launched the Bio-based Industries Investment Programme 2023/2024. “The Programme – both organizations state – aims to facilitate investments into the most promising European bioeconomy scale-ups selected by the most active investors and corporate partners.

The 2023 edition of the multi-annual programme features two specialised live events preceded by multiple online sessions providing VC and PE investors, and corporate partners the opportunity to scout and select the best European scale-ups and SMEs, assess forward strategies, and meet in person and online to establish strategic relationships with investors and partners.

The programme is run by Tech Tour, in collaboration with the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC), with Food & Bio Cluster Denmark and with Circular Valley each hosting one of the two confirmed bio-based investment events of the 2023 edition: Tech Tour Agritech, Food & Bioeconomy in Copenhagen on 23-24 October, hosted by the Danish Food & Bio Cluster, Tech Tour Bio-based Industries in Wuppertal on 15-16 November, hosted by Circular Valley.

The events will host 30 game-changers seeking funding, partnerships and growth opportunities selected by a high-level Selection Panel of the most active investors. According the organizers, there will be exclusive networking opportunities with 50+ invitation-only of the most active investment firms as well as decision-makers from global corporate market leaders.

The 2023 edition will cover tech themes including Bio-based chemicals and materials, Forestry and pulp & paper based products, Aquaculture/algae and marine, Biowaste valorisation, Waste management and treatment and Recycling & circular models.

“We need a strong bioeconomy to help Europe achieve a circular and green economy and fulfil the aims of the EU Green Deal. We have small- and medium-sized enterprises working relentlessly to help solve some of the major challenges in these areas. Together with Tech Tour, we support these companies in the best way to fast track their scaling journeys”, says Dirk Carrez, Executive Director BIC.

“If there is one take home message of 25 years of Tech Tour it is this: Persistent tech entrepreneurship backed by smart investment is an effective and necessary method to solving global societal challenges including net zero emissions. With this programme, we endeavour to do all in our power to facilitate the selected companies raise the next rounds of investment and grow their solutions and impact with smart partnerships”, states William Stevens, Managing Director Tech Tour

The 2023 programme will be repeated and expanded in 2024 with a Circular Designs Programme and a Scaling Programme to achieve the mission of nurturing European deep-tech scale-ups that address complex value chain challenges while minimising environmental impact.

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