Anellotech and SHR renewed site host and services agreement for process development pilot plant

David Sudolsky - Il Bioeconomista
David Sudolsky

Anellotech and South Hampton Resources, Inc., a subsidiary of Trecora Resources, renewed their agreement for SHR to serve as site host and provide operations services for Anellotech’s TCat-8TM process development pilot plant, which is located inside of SHR’s Silsbee, Texas production plant. SHR owns and operates a 128-acre specialty petrochemicals facility at the Silsbee site, specializing in high purity hydrocarbons. The company originally began its site hosting relationship with Anellotech in 2016 with Anellotech’s development of its Bio-TCat process for producing petrochemicals from wood.
The original services agreement between Anellotech and SHR allowed Anellotech to install and then operate the TCat-8 unit inside the SHR plant.

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