Waiting for Expo 2015, young start-ups in the bioeconomy grow in Milan

From left to right: Carenzo, Galliano, Tajani and the 5 leaders of the winning teams
From left to right: Carenzo, Galliano, Tajani and the 5 leaders of the winning teams

Parco Tecnologico Padano, a science and technology park based in North of Italy (Lodi, Milan area) and the Municipality of Milano are running a competition for selecting entrepreneurial projects in the bioeconomy sector coming out from international scouting.

Last Wednesday, the five winners were announced by the Secretary for Innovation and Research of the Municipality of Milano, Mrs. Cristina Tajani.

How to use coffee waste for cosmetics, an innovative way of producing fibers from oranges, microalgae for nutrition, seeds conservation and a platform for prevention of fruit plants diseases are the areas covered by the 5 winners of the competition.
The five team (Orange Fiber and Flora Conservation from Italy, Coffee from Taiwan, Green4life from The Netherlands, and Nadal from Tunisia) will start in July an acceleration program to be ready to begin their business idea in a few months.

Gianluca Carenzo, executive director of Parco Tecnologico Padano and inventor of the Alimenta2talent concept, says to “Il Bieconomista”: “This is a response of the occupational crisis that we are facing in our country and it will demonstrate that Italy, and in this case Milano, is still attractive for young businesses. Bioeconomy in Italy will have a tremendous opportunity of showcasing during Expo 2015 in Milano, the value chain is growing and the time is ready for starting with a national bioeconomy strategy”.

The ideas for the international call “Alimenta2Talent” are coming from young researchers and potential entrepreneurs from all over the world (Italy, Taiwan, UK, Sweden, Emirates, Holland, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, Belgium, South Africa, Tunisia, USA, France), with a total of 32 team leaders, and 119 participants with the aim of being entrepreneurs in Milano.

The winners will have the opportunity to “be accelerated” for six months in Alimenta, one of the leading incubators in Italy for agrofood technology and the bioeconomy sector located in Lodi and managed by Parco Tecnologico Padano.
The municipality of Milano will support with a grant of 1500 euro per month for single participant covering the costs for the period.

Marta Daria

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