The world bioeconomy has a new protagonist: Renewable Matter

Marco Moro, Editor-in-Chief of Renewable Matter
Marco Moro, Editor-in-Chief of Renewable Matter

Renewable Matter. This is the name of a new International magazine dedicated to the bioeconomy and circular economy, published by Edizioni Ambiente, the leading Italian publisher on green issues. Available in an online edition, as well as in print edition, the magazine – which this month celebrates its first release – will be published bi-monthly.

Free, with a very eye-catching graphics and available both in English and in Italian (Materia Rinnovabile), Renewable Matter already has as collaborators prominent personalities like Chris Patermann, the father of the knowledge-based economy in Europe, and Gunter Pauli, author and initiator of The Blue Economy. But also journalists (including myself) and professionals, united by the desire to communicate and inform on what we define the Industrial Revolution of the Third Millennium. And at the same time to be protagonists of this Revolution.

Today for us of Il Bioeconomista is an important day, because the arrival of Renewable Matter represents the realization of a contamination on which we have always aimed. It has always been our raison d’être. Allow me, therefore, to briefly mention our Manifesto:

“We want to represent the world in motion but do not want to be – and we do not want that our readers are – mere spectators of the movement that we describe. The Third millennium just begun throws us challenges that we must seize to be protagonists of a new industrial revolution. […] Journalism has historically accompanied every revolution, because it was an expression of ideas, a laboratory of progress, which far exceeds any censorship. The widespread use of independent journalism was a phenomenon characteristic of the early nineteenth century throughout Europe. The economic changes that occurred in that period were followed carefully and continually commented on by a galaxy of thinkers, who used the newspapers to report the facts and express their opinions. So it was that in Italy there was a movement of ideas parallel to the movement which manifested itself in the social and economic life, which then would lead to the Risorgimento.”

Renewable Matter will make us feel in very good company. The world bioeconomy has a new relevant protagonist.

Mario Bonaccorso

2 thoughts on “The world bioeconomy has a new protagonist: Renewable Matter

  1. Paul Reinshagen 17 November 2014 / 9:47 pm

    Dear Mario. Quite some time ago I did order three books about the Biobased Economy in Europ. They never arrived. So please send me an ereader edition, plus one about the World Biobased Econmy, your latest. In return I will write a short article about both books on our website (also in English) and will name your site. And may be later on we can come to a kind of cooperation between our sites. Sincerely. Paul Reinshagen

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