Virent announces world’s first demonstration of full range bio-aromatics production

Virent is based in Wisconsin, US

Virent has successfully produced bio-paraxylene, bio-toluene and bio-benzene at demonstration scale and has confirmed that all three chemicals meet typical industry specifications.  Virent has also produced sample volumes of bio-Aromatic 100, an aromatic solvent widely used in paint, industrial, and agricultural solvent applications. The company has broadened its product offerings for renewable chemicals through this process.

Virent’s production of paraxylene at its Madison, Wisconsin laboratory, has reached a capacity of 10 tons per year which will allow Virent to serve the needs of multiple collaborators for product validation and market demonstrations.  Aromatic 100, benzene and toluene are also available at smaller capacities for similar purposes. These aromatic chemicals are key building blocks for a wide range of materials and markets including food and beverage packaging, textiles, automobiles, detergents, construction materials, and paints and coatings.

Lee Edwards, Virent Ceo, noted there has been expanding interest from end-users with multiple orders in hand and several more expected soon.  “The ability to deliver these renewable products for market validation and market trials is an essential step in building confidence for commercial deployment”, said Edwards. “We have successfully demonstrated that our renewable products meet industry specifications and we are eager to provide samples to meet the growing demand for sustainable products.”

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