The 10 Most Innovative Bioeconomy Chief Executive Officers in 2014

Bio-on produced bioplastic used in this new version of Flos' Miss Sissi lamp
Bio-on produced bioplastic used in this new version of Flos’ Miss Sissi lamp

The bioeconomy is innovation, the result of the skills and passion of researchers and managers able to create value and new high-qualified jobs. Starting from this year, Il Bioeconomista launches a new initiative: we asked a panel of world bioeconomy experts to tell us the Chief Executive Officers that stood out as the most innovative in 2014.

This is the result:

Marco Astorri, Ceo of bio-on (Italy)

Mike Hamilton, Ceo of Renmatix (USA)

Marc Delcourt, Ceo of Global Bioenergies (France)

John Melo, Ceo of Amyris (USA)

Jennifer Holmgren, Ceo of Lanzatech (New Zealand/USA)

Tom Van Haken, Ceo of Avantium (The Netherlands)

Mark Emalfarb, Ceo of Dyadic (USA)

K’lynne Johnson, Ceo of Elevance Renewables (USA)

Jeffrey A. Martin, Ceo of Yulex (USA)

Bernardo Gradin, Ceo of GranBio (Brazil)

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