Four European bioeconomy clusters join forces as the 3BI intercluster


Biobased Delta, BioEconomy, BioVale and Industries & Agro Ressources, the leading bioeconomy clusters in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and France have joined forces as the 3BI intercluster – Brokering Bio-Biobased Innovation. Their goal is to support European companies to access important new bioeconomy markets successfully. The ceremony for a formal signing of an agreement between the 4 clusters took place today at the EFIB forum in Brussels.

3BI is a strategic European partnership that builds on the complementary strengths of four leading regional innovation clusters. All four clusters use biorefining to convert biological resources into food, feed, materials, chemicals and fuels. They intend to work together in the research, development and deployment of novel high-tech approaches to the conversion of biomass, renewable raw materials and waste streams into value-added products and applications.

The production of renewable biological resources and their conversion into everyday products such as food, feed, energy, chemicals and other materials is increasing rapidly.

“The bioeconomy – the four clusters say – creates new markets for innovative products across the globe. European companies need support if they are to access these important new markets successfully. The formation of the 3Bi intercluster represents a common intention to explore business linkages between the clusters and their members”.

3BI will help European companies to make the most of new markets and new opportunities from the bioeconomy. The 3Bi partners focus on growth, innovation and smart specialisation of their regions to promote sustainable solutions for lower carbon footprint.

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