Charmant USA launches awear, a new bio-based sustainable eyewear brand

The new awear bio-based glasses. Photo: courtesy of Swear
The new awear bio-based glasses. Photo: courtesy of awear

Now we have bio-based glasses. Charmant USA has announced the launch of a new bio-based sustainable eyewear brand. The brand is awear: it is specialized in bio-made sustainable optical glasses and sunglasses.

Its inaugural collection of ergonomic eyewear was designed to be lightweight, fashion-forward and completely sustainable. The brand boasts an unyielding commitment to environmentally conscious practices, from design to production.

All of the glasses’ frames and sun lenses are made with sustainable materials. Frames and demo lenses are made with a bio-based plastic which absorbs CO2 in the raw form. This bio-plastic does not require a clear coating to finish the frames, which significantly conserves water.

The temple pieces for each pair of glasses are hand-assembled, ultimately making the process more energy efficient. Even the demo lenses are biodegradable and are made from a carbon neutral material called bio-based polylactic acid (derived from renewable resources like corn starch).

“We wanted – the company claims – our customers to feel comfortable wearing them too. So we ergonomically designed each and every frame to ensure it would feel and fit like it was designed for them”.

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