California goes green with Neste

Neste’s headquarter in Espoo, Finland

Renewable diesel fuel is soon to be much more accessible to fleet drivers looking to fuel up in northern and central California, thanks to cardlock locations that will be offering Neste MY Renewable Diesel™. This is the very first time vehicles can be fueled with this high performance low-carbon fuel directly at a station.

Neste, the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel, has opened the first Neste-branded cardlock in San Leandro and other three sites will open in cooperation with local distributors this spring. Cardlocks are unstaffed fueling stations designed to accommodate fleet vehicles, including 18-wheel trucks.

“Since launching in California in 2017, we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from drivers and fleet managers using Neste MY Renewable Diesel,” said Jeremy Baines, Vice President of Sales for Neste. “And those who haven’t tried it yet keep asking where they can get it. We’re proud to offer Neste MY Renewable Diesel at these cardlock locations to further expand its accessibility and lead the renewable fuel revolution.”

Each location will supply Neste MY Renewable Diesel, a low-carbon fuel produced from 100 percent renewable and sustainable raw materials that cuts greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80 percent compared to petroleum diesel.

In 2018, the San Leandro location served over 16,000 customers, making the switch to Neste MY Renewable Diesel is estimated to help these drivers reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 20,000 tons every year.

In California, state policymakers are leading the global charge to reduce greenhouse gases through forward thinking standards.

“Demand for cleaner fuels is on the rise globally, and California is a leader in the movement toward an emissions-free future,” said Baines. “Neste MY Renewable Diesel helps meet environmental needs without compromising performance.”

Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a clean-burning diesel fuel that keeps fuel filters, particulate filters and fuel injection systems cleaner and vehicles running efficiently. It is a direct replacement fuel for petroleum diesel that requires no blending and is compatible with all diesel engines without any modification or change in infrastructure. It is available to public and private fleets in California through authorized distributors.

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