Novozymes’ enzymes are available online through Alibaba’s platform

Source: Novozymes

Now, for the first time, Novozymes’ enzymes are available online through Alibaba’s platform for industrial products,

“We want to be a front runner in providing biological solutions online as well as offline. By partnering with Alibaba, we will get even closer to our end-customers, address local market needs faster and explore new application opportunities,” says Thomas Videbæk, COO and Executive Vice President, Novozymes.

China is a pioneer when it comes to e-commerce, and Alibaba is the country’s biggest platform, offering everything from clothes, furniture, electronics to food, cars and home products. is home to more than ten million enterprises with 12 million daily visitors, and it has become a go-to place for business-to-business transactions.

“Novozymes is a world leader in biological innovation and the first multinational company to partner with in the industrial biotechnology industry,” says Mr. Wang Hai, Vice President of Alibaba. “The launching of its flagship store will enrich the platform’s supply sources and serve millions of small and medium-sized Chinese enterprises with the most cutting-edge biological solutions.”

The Novozymes flagship store is currently offering end-customers nine enzyme products within food, professional cleaning and wastewater application areas. These are some of the company’s most popular products, and more will be added at a later stage.

“Biological solutions have a great potential in supporting sustainable development, and we hope to facilitate China’s green development and urbanization process through the exploration and trial of a digital business model,” Thomas Videbæk explains.

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