In memory of Guido Ghisolfi: The green technologies are the drivers of the modern economy



In memory of Guido Ghisolfi we publish the interview he released to us in 2013.

The green technologies are the drivers of the modern economy

“The green technologies  are some  of the driving forces of the modern economy,  this is not only my view, but also other important national and international groups have begun to invest and diversify their production in a green vision. The objectives that arises in such investments are long term but the results arrive, if one knows how to wait”. To say it, in this long interview, is Guido Ghisolfi, the vice president of MG Group headquartered in Tortona, and president and Ceo of Biochemtex, the architect of the conversion of the second Italian chemical group in one of the world major players in the bioeconomy, with the largest plant in the world for the production of second generation bioethanol inaugurated in Crescentino, in the province of Vercelli (Italy). With engineer Ghisolfi we talk about bioeconomy, research and industrial innovation, because “the industrial policy of the future can’t be separated from the concept of environmental sustainability”. “The raw materials alternatives to oil can be obtained through the use of biomass grown on marginal land without competing with food through innovative technologies. We must, however, continue to invest in industrial research to ensure the development of technological excellence in Italy, these are the variables of an equation that leads as a result of the competition system of the country”.

Interview by Mario Bonaccorso

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Guido Ghisolfi died tragically today

9 October 2013 in Crescentino: Guido Ghisolfi inaugurates the biorefinery

Guido Ghisolfi, VP of Mossi Ghisolfi Group, died tragically today. We lose a great person and a great protagonist of world bioeconomy.

I was lucky enough to know him and to interview him for the blog. He was a gentleman with great vision. A true leader, as there are only a few in Italy.