Amyris and Squalan enter into agreements for the production and marketing of bio-based personal care products


John Melo, Ceo of Amyris
John Melo, Ceo of Amyris

Amyris, Inc., a global renewable products company providing sustainable alternatives to a variety of non-renewable resources, and Squalan Natural Health B.V., a privately held, personal care product company based in The Netherlands, have entered into agreements for the production and marketing of Neossance Squalane-based personal care products.

The partnership between Amyris and Squalan accelerates development and market penetration of skin care and personal care products containing Amyris’s Neossance Squalane, which is produced from plant sugars. Under this new relationship, Squalan will market and sell Neossance-based products to retailers and consumers, primarily in the European Union.

Neossance Squalane is one of the highest quality emollients available. It has exceptional moisturizing properties with proven performance, and offers a silky, smooth and elegant texture without a greasy, heavy after feel, making it attractive to formulators and product developers such as Squalan.

As part of the agreement, Amyris is investing in Squalan and will have an option to acquire an ownership stake in Squalan and the right to appoint a member of Squalan’s board of directors. Squalan will continue to be managed by founders Leslie van der Meijden and Monique Hugen.

“Amyris is excited to work with Squalan to help expand Squalan’s operations and rapidly increase its market penetration with best-in-class products. The innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Squalan and its founders along with their commitment to high quality products make them an ideal partner for Amyris. We’re excited to continue building on the momentum from a strong first quarter,” said John Melo, President and CEO of Amyris.

“We are proud to work with such an amazing company in Amyris and are excited about showing the world our lovely products,” said Monique Hugen, Co-Founder of Squalan.

“We are thrilled about our relationship with Amyris and the opportunity to work with a company so far away in distance, yet so close in philosophy, values and belief in the future of squalane-based products,“ said Leslie van der Meijden, Co-Founder of Squalan.


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