The bioeconomy protagonist at Milan Expo 2015

The Area of Expo 2015 closed to Milan
The Area of Expo 2015 close to Milan

With less than one month to go before the official opening of Milan Expo 2015, almost nine million tickets have already been sold and organizers say the event is set to shine. The food-themed universal exposition runs from May 1 through October 31 with a record 53 single-nation pavilions, along with nine clusters representing about 90 countries and theme-based pavilions. About 140 countries in all will participate in Milan Expo 2015, under the theme: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. Some 20 million visitors are expected to join in on events that are based on promoting a sustainable global food system and fighting hunger. All these visitors will support the bioeconomy. Why?

Because at Expo 2015 there will be room for the new economy based on biological resources. Not only as one of the topics, but in everyday practice. After the London Olympics 2012, Expo 2015 will reduce its environmental impact through the use of bioplastics. Eataly, which will manage all the restaurants at Expo, is the first operator of Italian restaurants of the highest quality to choose the Mater-Bi, the bioplastic biodegradable and compostable produced by Novamont that can be disposed of in composting plants and anaerobic digestion along with food scraps and the cuttings of garden and transformed into compost, making an essential contribution to the reduction of the production of unsorted waste and emission of greenhouse gases.

Today, with the choice to take the disposable tableware in Mater-Bi in all restaurants that will handle at EXPO2015, for a total of 10 million pieces, Eataly confirms not only his vocation to environmental sustainability but also its support for the Novamont’s strategic project towards the creation of the model “zero organic waste in landfill” from renewable raw materials (local and non-food) with which to design and manufacture products entirely made in Italy at the end of life will turn into fertile compost.

The line of the family of bioplastics Mater-Bi for the Foodservice industry comprises plates, glasses, cutlery, bowls, containers portions, straws, cups and ice cream palette made with the latest generation of biopolymers, able to guarantee mechanical performance, thermomechanical , productive and aesthetic absolutely innovative. Approved for contact with foods, with a content of renewable raw material that reaches 80%, compostability conforms to the international standard EN13432, absence of odor, excellent mechanical properties and heat resistance in some degrees up to 110°, the dishes which will be served meals in the restaurants of Eataly EXPO2015 will be collected with kitchen waste and sent for composting to reduce significantly the environmental impact of the event by reducing the production of unsorted waste and emission of greenhouse gases .

“It is with great satisfaction that we announce today that the partnership between Novamont and Eataly is renewed within a context such as that of Expo 2015, whose size, duration and number of visitors will be an important demonstration case and a confirmation of how the use of disposable tableware biodegradable and compostable can really make a difference and have a profound effect on recycling, and more generally on the environmental impact of large events. But it is not only this – says Alessandro Ferlito, commercial director Novamont – the products we are presenting today, and that will be the protagonists of Expo including the first dish made entirely of Mater-Bi, are the result of over twenty-five years of research and innovation led by Novamont in the name of the bioeconomy, considered as territorial regeneration. It is a question of crockery obtained through proprietary technology that enabled revitalize sites not competitive in innovative industrial plants, generating new sectors and new products but also new jobs. “

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