It’s a real boom for Il Bioeconomista in 2015. Thank you and happy new year!

happy-new-year-2016-photosDear Readers,

thank you very much, heartily. 2015 ended with excellent results for Il Bioeconomista: over 46% more visits to our blog. It is a real boom, which shows how the bioeconomy is increasingly a phenomenon that attracts the attention of global public opinion and gratifies us as journalists, observers of a reality that we have always defined as the industrial revolution of the Third Millennium.

Today, a little more than three years since its foundation, we can say that Il Bioeconomista is one of the world’s leading blog on bieconomy. Our readers are mainly Europeans, but a growing number of readers are from the United States (it is the second country behind Italy considering the number of visits), India, Canada, Brazil and Malaysia.

What can we say? For us, it is a tremendous encouragement to move forward, to offer our readers a blog that informs and promotes discussion on bioeconomy.

The year that has just ended was very important for the global bioeconomy, with significant progress in terms of industry, research and awareness of the institutions, as last December it was demonstrated by the agreement on climate change reached in Paris at COP21 and the circular economy package approved by the European Commission. One thing is certain: the bioeconomy can only be if sustainable and globally developed.

2016 begins under the best auspices. We will be again on your side to tell the facts and continue growing.

Happy new year!

Mario Bonaccorso

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