Utrecht is ready to host the European Bioeconomy Stakeholders next Tuesday

Rabo Nederland, Utrecht
Rabo Nederland, Utrecht

Another brick towards the European Bioeconomy. The European Commission organises from 12 to 13 April in Utrecht, The Netherlands, the EU Bioeconomy Stakeholders’ Conference. Four years on from the launching of the EU’s Bioeconomy Strategy, Brussels in collaboration with the Dutch Presidency analyses the achievements and the opportunities ahead in the two-day conference.

In Utrecht, the results of previous high-level events, in particular the SCAR Foresight Conference, the Bioeconomy Investment Summit and the Global Bioeconomy Summit, will converge in a Stakeholders’ Manifesto for the Bioeconomy in Europe: a strategic agenda and a shared commitment to shape the bioeconomy through collaboration and dialogue.

The Conference builds on the conclusions and key recommendations of the last three Bioeconomy Stakeholders’ Conferences held in Copenhagen (February 2012), Dublin (March 2013) and Turin (October 2014). Utrecht, at Rabo Nederland, will host and gather experts and a wide range of stakeholders from industry, academia and end-users to discuss about the routes to develop the European bioeconomies.

The aim of Bioeconomy Strategy is to shift the European economy towards greater and more sustainable use of renewable resources to ensure a secure and healthy food and feed supply, as well as producing bio-based materials, energy, and other products.

This will enable a more innovative and low-emissions economy – reconciling demands for sustainable agriculture and fisheries, food security, and the sustainable use of renewable biological resources for industrial purposes, while ensuring biodiversity and environmental protection.

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