IFIB 2016: Vicenza will be the center of gravity of the world bioeconomy on 22-23 September

CUOA Business Center (Villa Valmarana Morosini in Altavilla Vicentina)
CUOA Business Center (Villa Valmarana Morosini in Altavilla Vicentina)

Everything is ready in Altavilla Vicentina (Vicenza, Italy) to host the Italian Forum on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy. Taking place on 22-23 September at CUOA Business Center, IFIB 2016 will bring together the European bioeconomy stakeholders, from universities and research centers to big companies.

With themes ranging from inspiring new business models, circular economy and the creation of markets, this year’s IFIB agenda will provide a comprehensive update on the status and outlook of biobased industries.

Relevant bioeconomy stakeholders, such as GFBiochemicals, Novamont, Clariant, Braskem, Dow, CLIB2021 will provide their perspectives on the state of business in Europe, from developing new and novel partnerships along the value chain, to ensuring that capital investment is made available.

IFIB will offer also the opportunity to know the latest development regarding the policy for the bioeconomy around the world. Christine Lang, chair of the German Bioeconomy Council, will present the German strategy on bioeconomy, Willem Sederel, director of Biobased Delta, the Dutch strategy, Bernado Silva will present the state of the art of the bioeconomy in Brazil and Jeff Passmore will present the Canadian bioeconomy. Finally, Stefano Firpo, director general of the Italian Ministry of Economic development, will present the new Italian plan for the bioeconomy.

The forum, which is Italian only because is based in Italy, will bring the worlds of policy and business together to discuss how to boost investment, innovation and value chain development to capture the potential of industrial biotechnology in Europe. Next September, Vicenza will be the world capital of the bioeconomy.


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