Supporting Catia Bastioli. The bioeconomy is democracy

bastioli-a-bottrighe-2She has created the Italian bioeconomy. Thanks to her passion, her tenacity, her ability, Italy today can rightly claim to be a leading country in this field. All this in the total lack of an Italian strategy on bioeconomy.

The inauguration last Friday of Mater Biotech’s plant in Bottrighe di Adria, the first in the world capable of producing butanediol from renewable sources, is her umpteenth great victory. The demonstration that the bioeconomy is a reality, that creates wealth and jobs in an environmentally friendly way. That the goals can be achieved with passion and determination, putting into practice a new idea of sustainable enterprise.

Last Friday in Bottrighe di Adria, there was no representative of the Italian government. The Premier Renzi was in Jerusalem for the funeral of Shimon Peres, but no other minister or undersecretary (not lacking inside the Italian government) was able to be present at the grand opening of the first factory of its kind in the world. The minister of Economic Development sent an official, undersecretary to the Prime Minister office sent a recorded video message. In the industrial world the resistance to the development of the bioeconomy is huge.

As the First Bioeconomy Blog, we want to send our warmest thanks to Catia Bastioli and our strong support. It’s no coincidence, in our view, that last Friday during the inauguration ceremony, Bastioli wanted to remember Guido Ghisolfi, another great leader of Italian bioeconomy, whose absence today weighs heavily in the bioeconomy.

As far as we’re concerned, it’s time for a new alliance in the Italian and global bioeconomy to achieve the necessary breakthrough towards a post-petroleum society. As stated Bastioli last Friday the “bioeconomy is not only industry and agriculture. It’s democracy”.

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