Pasquale Granata and Mathieu Flamini launch The BioJournal

Mathieu Flamini and Pasquale Granata launch The BioJournal
Mathieu Flamini and Pasquale Granata launch The BioJournal

Published “to take part in a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress.”

We can borrow this mission statement written on the contents page of the first issue of The Economist, published by James Wilson in September 1843, to define exactly the reason that today, 173 years later, leads to the launch of The BioJournal.

That’s right: today is on line a new journal which aims to tell the bioeconomy and the sustainable development claiming its partisanship, its militant journalism. The revolution of the bioeconomy and the circular economy, as new paradigms of sustainable development, is a road of no return, if we really want to solve the challenges of the third millennium: we must shift towards a post-petroleum society and fight against climate change, which is dramatically real. The road, however, is full of obstacles and needs to be illuminated.

To turn on the light of The BioJournal are two young enthusiast entrepreneurs, Pasquale Granata and Mathieu Flamini, together with a group of young journalists coordinated by the founder of our blog, Mario Bonaccorso.

“To fully achieve the bio-rivolution – Pasquale Granata says – it is necessary to create public awareness. With this aim we are launching today The BioJournal.”

“We want – Mathieu Flamini states – to provide a source of information but also an opportunity for continuous dialogue on issues that affect our future: climate change, food security and food safety, the achievement of a post-petroleum society”.

This is not a niche area. This is about growth and jobs. The bio-circular economy is already one of the world’s biggest and most important sectors. But there is no reality unless it is told. And no change can really be achieved without public opinion’s support.

The BioJournal focuses on economy, politics and business with a window always open on the many areas where sustainable products are used: from technologies to real estate, from sports to leisure. The BioJournal is a good news!

One thought on “Pasquale Granata and Mathieu Flamini launch The BioJournal

  1. Iris Aquilina Anderson 21 September 2016 / 6:06 am

    Well done on the blog which I enjoy reading. And looking forward to the Biojournal

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